Nationwide has apologised to customers after payments in and out of accounts were delayed on Friday morning.

The issue affected all payments at the building society, with Nationwide saying there was a problem impacting its Faster Payments system to and from other banks and building societies.

A spokesman for Nationwide said: “The issue has now been fixed and queued payments are being processed.

“It may take a few hours before impacted payments are processed, so customers should not try to send the payment again.”

Some customers took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to complain about the issues.

Many were unable to pay their bills or had not received their wages because of the problems affecting Nationwide this morning.

Others said they had no access to finances while their transfers were delayed.

One said: "Leaving people without a timeframe is a disgrace - transferred money to my daughter who is coming home from uni today to buy a train ticket - not received so I have to take a day off and drive halfway across the country? Look how many people you have inconvenienced."

While another added: "Shocking in this day and age, the amount of time it’s been offline is staggering!!"

Direct debits and standing orders were working normally throughout the issues and customers could continue to use their cards online and in shops, withdraw money at cash machines and move money between Nationwide accounts.

“We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused,” Nationwide added.

Customers are urged not to resend or duplicate payments because of the delays.