What makes the best Mother’s Day afternoon tea? Lucky for you, I’m here to tell you.

It’s one that you can’t stop thinking about sharing with the motherly figure in your life, knowing it's bursting with spring surprises, buttery scones, moist loaf cakes and sausage roll flavours you never knew existed.

Even better, it's one that can be delivered straight to your mum’s doorstep so there’s no need to plan a big day out.

Just pop the kettle on, warm up the oven and let the food made by Piglets Pantry do the talking.

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Is this the best Mother’s Day afternoon tea?

As I have tried a few different afternoon teas from Piglets Pantry, you would think I would know what to expect.

But it’s never the case, as each range so far has included different flavours, meaning you’re in for a treat each time.

In the Spring Afternoon Tea for 2, I tried:

  • Traditional Scotch Egg (x2)
  • Buttermilk scone with pots of jam and cream (x2)
  • Lemon & Mint Loaf Cake
  • Courgette, Leak and Chive Tart
  • Parmesan Cheese & Chive Sausage Roll
  • Traditional Sausage Roll
  • Carrot Cake (x2)
  • Ruby Chocolate Loaf Cake
  • Tea bags (x2)
  • Extras: Mother’s Day cookies (box of 12), Mother’s Day Roulade Box (x6)

News Shopper: Which sweet treat from this afternoon tea would be your favourite?Which sweet treat from this afternoon tea would be your favourite? (Image: Newsquest)

This Mother’s Day afternoon tea is bursting with spring flavours

I could go into great detail about what makes each of these products so irresistible as there is nothing I wouldn’t recommend, but I will leave that for you to discover.

Instead, I’m going to rave about my favourites and ones I simply haven’t stopped thinking about.

Courgette, Leak and Chive Tart (x2)

A courgette-flavoured anything isn’t something I would normally make as I’m never blown away by the taste, especially when it comes to a quiche-like bake.

But when I say I ate this Courgette, Leak and Chive Tart in one mouthful, I’m not joking (possibly too much detail about my eating habits).

It was so cheesy and the pastry was (as always) light and crunchy – I could taste the courgette, leak and chive in equal amounts and I was relieved it didn’t just resemble a baked eggy mixture.

News Shopper: These might be the best flavoured sausage rolls I've triedThese might be the best flavoured sausage rolls I've tried (Image: Newsquest)

Did I let my taste-testing pal eat the other one? Absolutely not.

Parmesan Cheese & Chive Sausage Roll

I love a sausage roll as much as the next person but if the meat is sloppy and greasy, I’m not interested.

Not to worry though as this Parmesan Cheese & Chive Sausage Roll couldn’t be further from my sausage roll fears.

It’s got equal amounts of flaky pastry with the dense meat, plus I would go as far as saying this might be my new favourite flavour of the classic sausage roll.

Who knew sausage meat mixed with parmesan cheese and chives could be everything my tastebuds have ever needed?

News Shopper: What comes first on your scone, the jam or the cream?What comes first on your scone, the jam or the cream? (Image: Newsquest)

Lemon & Mint Loaf Cake

As soon as I opened the box and was able to smell the citrus scent of this cake, I knew it was not going to disappoint.

Lemon is always my go-to flavour when it comes to cakes, but I’ve never had one with mint too.

I had my cup of tea at the ready in case it tasted like a mouth full of toothpaste, but how wrong I was.

The mint was subtle and tasted like it had just been pulled from a herb garden – it was the perfect ingredient to accompany the lemon.

In fact, all the loaf cakes, scones, cookies and roulades screamed buttery and moist– some of the most important qualities for those with a sweet tooth.

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What I want to shout about from the rooftops is the lengths Piglets Pantry goes to when it comes to making fresh food that arrives immaculate.

I think I can solidly confirm this, as the Mother’s Day afternoon tea was my third delivery and there is never a crumb out of place, or out of date.

Everything tastes as though it was baked freshly in your kitchen that morning with flavours that are always exciting.

I don’t think you can ask for much more than that when it comes to buying (and sharing) this delightful foodie bundle with that special someone in your life.