As the third week of The Traitors comes to an end, the second series has provided viewers with more jaw-dropping moments (spoilers are ahead).

From Traitors turning on each other which saw mastermind Paul being “banished”, to Ross’ hilarious camera wink and Harry’s shield trick.

However, some fans of the hit BBC show have noticed that "a lot" of women are being sent home after either the roundtable discussions or by being “murdered.”

One account on X, formerly Twitter, posted: “this season would be top tier if it wasn’t a man’s club only. the poor women are such secondary characters #TheTraitors #TheTraitorsUK”

Last night, two more women saw their time come to an end, missing out on their chance to take home the prize money of up to £120,000.

On Friday’s episode (January 19), Charlie was “murdered” by the Traitors, whilst her best friend Charlotte was later “banished.”

'You'll see' - Claudia Winkleman hints at huge twist on BBC The Traitors

But as The Traitors recruited another man last night, Claudia Winkleman joined them for their discussions at the top of Ardross Castle.

Upon discovering Ross had accepted to join Andrew and Harry, she said: “Another man?… Just like the olden days.”

Many were in support of her comment as one user tweeted: “'Another man… like the olden times.' Glad you noticed Claudia! Don’t get me wrong I b****y love #TheTraitors but they’ve also killed 5 women in a row.”

Another added: “Glad Claudia took a jab about them recruiting another man considering they’ve only murdered women besides Aubrey, only recruited men and the only female traitor was first to be thrown under the bus. It does appear rather sexist at this point."

This person agreed, saying: “Another Man? Just like the olden days. Claudia says it for all of us women #TheTraitors”

During BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour this week, Claudia received a question from a listener, as reported by The Mirror.

It was Harriet who asked: "Why is it that all the people that get murdered by the Traitors are all women bar one?

"And secondly, why are the Traitors so ageist? One of them [the Traitors] was a woman and a bit older, so they murdered her straight away."

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Host Claudia responded: "Well, I mean, correct, Harriet. And I would like to sit down with Harriet and have quite a few conversations about it.

"I don't want to say anything, because what if people haven't watched? So I'm not going to say any names. But yeah, it's problematic."

She then revealed: "But then you'll carry on watching and you'll see, and that is all I can say."

The Traitors continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from Wednesday, January 24 at 9pm.