Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has revealed the five best times to book your flights for the cheapest tickets this year. 

Passengers have been urged to book their trips in the next few weeks after the airline CEO commented to say that they were selling them cheaper than they should.

The budget airline boss recently shared in an interview that fares will often be sold at a loss during January and February so that they can fill planes up.

Dates which are just before the peak school holidays are reportedly the same.

Speaking to the Independent, Mr O'Leary said January and February are the best time of year for people to find the cheapest fares available.

He said: “There will always be periods of time, particularly at this time of the year – January, February, before you get to the school mid-term break or the Easter holidays or summer – where we’re trying to fill flights.

“We’re happy to fill flights at loss-making air fares. So there will still be lots of low air fares.”

Mr O'Leary is also said to still stick by the comments that he made around this time last year when he said that the days of £9.99 flights were over.

He claimed that the price of fuel now means the airline cannot afford to go that low anymore.

The pre-holiday phone trick you need for your next trip

The news comes after a TikTok travel influencer shared a pre-holiday phone trick that could save you in emergencies on your next trip.

The daughter of a flight attendant recently told her followers some game-changing advice that only takes seconds to do but could go a long way to alleviate that airport stress.

The simple phone trick comes from the self-proclaimed "carry-on queen", who goes by KJ and can be found using the username @beachykj.

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Sharing the top tip with her TikTok followers, KJ noted: "This is so my mother, she'd be proud of this.

"Screenshot your itineraries, always have your flight locator and your hotel conf and stuff in your phone as you never know when sometimes you can't get Wifi or your data's not working when you're trying to pull it up. So annoying."

The travel pro also told followers to keep a screenshot of your passport and ID handy just in case.

Whilst most places won't accept them as a valid form of identification, you never know when they'll come in handy.