Actor Simon Pegg has once again shut down any rumours regarding the future of Shaun of the Dead 2, 3 or even 4.

The comedy was first released back in 2004 and follows Shaun (Simon), a 29-year-old electronics salesman and his best friend Ed (Nick Frost) tackle a zombie apocalypse in London.

But what made the film so successful? In one Reddit forum called MovieSuggestions, a fan posted: “It has not a second of wasted screen time, even when you think the shots are meaningless they are setting up for a future joke or calling back to a previous scene.

“The chemistry between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost makes for one of the best duos in cinematic history and both of them deliver their punchlines flawlessly.

“The music, comedic timing, character development, and honestly everything about this movie is perfect. Seriously if you haven't seen this yet, I highly suggest it.”

Is Shaun of the Dead 2 coming out?

Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for a sequel but according to Simon, it’s never going to happen.

In a recent interview with The Independent he said that it “kind of frustrates me” when people ask if there will ever be a Shaun of the Dead 2.

He explained: “It’s finished! That story ended! Do you just want to see more of it? Just watch the film again if you want to see it again.

“It disappoints me that people want a sequel to that film – and I shouldn’t be, I should be flattered, and I am flattered – but also part of me feels slightly, ‘Well, wasn’t it enough? Wasn’t that sufficient?’”

The Hot Fuzz star added: “But it will never stop getting asked and it will never stop winding me up.”

When he was told fans only ask the question because they “want to see more of what they love”, Simon responded: “But that’s a tendency we have to resist, because all it is is that we like what’s familiar and we’re never going to be challenged if we’re watching the same f***ing thing again.

“That’s not to say, don’t go watch Mission: Impossible 8, because you should.”