The UK Government has updated its travel advice for Ireland's capital Dublin after vehicles were set on fire and shops looted in a riot apparently "driven by a far-right ideology".

This riot in the city centre occurred after a number of people - including three children - were injured in a horrific knife attack.

Ireland's head of police (An Garda Síochána), Drew Harris, blamed the disorder on a "lunatic, hooligan faction driven by a far-right ideology" who attacked police as they attempted to maintain the crime scene.

It is understood by the BBC that the man suspected of carrying out the attack is an Irish citizen who has lived in the country for 20 years.

News Shopper: The riot in Dublin was said to be driven by 'far-right ideology' (Brian Lawless/PA Wire)The riot in Dublin was said to be driven by 'far-right ideology' (Brian Lawless/PA Wire) (Image: Brian Lawless/PA Wire)

UK Government updates travel advice for Dublin after knife attack and riot

The UK Government's Foreign Office has issued updated travel advice following the riot, advising British travellers to exercise caution in certain parts of the city for the time being.

On the UK travel advice website, the government states: "On 23 November 2023, following a knife attack, there have been reports of protests and unrest around Parnell Street East and O’Connell Street in central Dublin. You should avoid these areas and follow advice of local authorities."

This advice relates to safety and security as well as warnings and insurance.

The original attack, which was said to be "standalone" saw a girl, aged five, receive emergency care in the hospital with another, aged six, and a five-year-old boy being left less seriously hurt.

The Gardaí said that they are confident that there is "no terror-related activity"  and that this appeared to be a "standalone attack".

Speaking of the attack, the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, said: "This appalling incident is a matter for the gardaí and that it would be used or abused by groups with an agenda that attacks the principle of social inclusion is reprehensible and deserves condemnation by all those who believe in the rule of law and democracy."