The 'orange peel theory' is the latest trend to be taking off on the popular social media platform TikTok.

Gaining popularity from a recent video where a baker breaks down in tears after her boyfriend hands her pre-separated egg whites, many more are now trying it.

The 'theory' essentially states that thoughtful acts of service from your partner indicate that the relationship is built on 'true love'.

What is the orange peel theory on TikTok?

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The viral trend says if you hand your partner an orange and they peel it for you without having to be asked, it is a sign that they truly care for you.

Partners who do little things to make your life easier such as doing the dishes, buying flowers and peeling your orange are said to be a 'keeper'.

A video from popular TikTok baker Jenna (@jennaskates) was uploaded to the site and is said to be the best example of this theory in action.



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In the video, she breaks down in tears after her boyfriend hands her a container of eggs with all the whites separated from the yolk.

The fact that he painstakingly took the time to do this after she had made an off-handed remark about the task days before was a sign that he loved her.

She said: “And this man took time to pre-separate the egg whites from the yolks for me,” adding on the overlayed text: “He saw me! Never thought egg white would make me cry.”

Many cited this video as the perfect example of the orange peel theory in action with one user writing in the comments: "He peeled your orange."

Another added: "Next time I see someone asking what the orange peel theory is I'm tagging them in this."

Others were left emotional after the video with one person writing: "Didn’t think egg white would make me cry either “to be loved is to be seen” currently sobbing."

Another user added: "HE LISTENED, not just heard. you weren't ignored. i'd be's so rare to be seen."