A Place in the Sun presenter Jonnie Irwin has returned home after another trip to the hospital amid his ongoing cancer battle. 

Irwin was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer back in August 2020, before in November 2022 he revealed it had also spread to his brain.

The Channel 4 presenter has been fighting the disease, after initially only being given six months to live, but faced another setback on Friday (November 10). 

Jonnie Irwin back in hospital amid ongoing cancer battle

Irwin, who turns 50 on Friday, took to Instagram on Monday (November 13) to reveal he had been in hospital for four days due to jaundice (when your skin or the whites of your eyes turn yellow - according to the NHS). 

In the post he said: "Back in hospital - been in since Friday with Jaundice.

"I had a fever and acute stabbing pain in my right hand side. Turns out I probably had an infection and otter issues which I won’t bore you with.

"Been on drips, regular bloods taken and have observations every 4 ours through day and night.

"Didn’t think I’d be watching @bbcmorninglive from a hospital bed but it’s just part of the roller coaster life that this illness throws at you I must admit I was especially touched by the birthday message from the the team for my birthday this coming Friday- thanks very much. X.

"I have another scan today followed by a meeting with my oncologist so fingers crossed for positive news."

Jonnie Irwin returns home but says there are "bigger issues" to confront in coming weeks

The Place in the Sun presenter returned to Instagram late on Monday to reveal he was now home, greeted by his three children - Rex (who "couldn't quite stay awake"), Reggie and Ronnie.

But despite the news he was home, Irwin said he wasn't out of the woods yet.

Irwin said: "Well the blood tests and scans today show my liver function is heading in the right direction.

"There’s bigger issues we will have to confront in a couple of weeks but for now I’m allowed home.

"I’m taking the small win for now. Rex tried to stay up to welcome me home but couldn’t quite stay awake bless him, although Reggie and Ronnie were wide awake so I got to them a story.

"Big big thanks to all the doctors and nurses who looked after me I’m so grateful to be home."