Police are in full force as an estimated 300,000 pro-Palestine marchers gather for one of the largest political marches in British history - with 82 counter-protestors arrested so far today.

"Far-right thugs" arrived in the capital this morning led by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson and have been seen clashing with pro-Palestine demonstrators and police.

As the day progresses, the scenes have turned "very, very ugly" due to flaring tempers. Men in balaclavas can be seen throwing missiles at police and demonstrators whilst chanting "Allah, Allah, who the **** is Allah".

Fights broke out between police and groups attempting to reach the Cenotaph in central London. A large crowd of people bearing St George's flags was seen walking along the Embankment and shouting "England till I die".

A line of police attempted to stop them from reaching Whitehall but the group pushed through, with some shouting "Let's have them" as officers hit out with batons.

Robinson: "I'm going to be there reporting, for you, as a journalist"

Robinson - Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - previously said: "British men are mobilising for Saturday to be in London" to "show our Government and show our police and show Hamas and everyone sitting around the world saying ‘Britain has fallen’ that there is a resistance."

He earlier posted a video on social media and said: "Why I'll be in London this weekend and why you should too! #Cenotaph #NeverAgain".

At the end of the six-minute clip, he added: "I'm going to be there reporting, for you, as a journalist to show what's going on that day, to document what they've allowed to happen over the last three weeks."