Record-breaking singer Robbie Williams has shared how he was forced to change his name and why he always 'hated it'.

The musician, who was once a member of the boyband Take That' is best known for his hits including, 'Rock DJ', 'She's The One' and 'Feel'.

Whilst Williams has become a household name since his career began back in 1990, not many know that 'Robbie' is his real name.

What is Robbie Williams's real name?

Not too far from his stage name, Robbie Williams's birth name is actually Robert Peter Williams.

Why did Robbie Williams change his name?

The 'Let Me  Entertain You' singer was forced to change his name in a bid to get more attraction.

As Willaims previously told BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac in her 'Changes' podcast, sharing: "The name Robbie wasn’t my idea. The name was given to me by my manager.

"'OK, you’re not Robert any more, you’re Robbie.'

"I hated it because it made me sound cute — and I didn’t want to sound cute. I wanted to be street and cool, and Robbie was just not.”

Whilst he was not a fan of the name change, he did admit it was for the best, sharing: "It was the best thing he (the manager) ever did because Robbie Williams isn’t me. This person they talked about, that they wanted to beat up, it wasn’t me.”

What is Robbie Williams's net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robbie Williams has a net worth of £222 million.

Williams's wealth makes him the richest member of Take That, with a massive £120 million gap between the ‘Angels’ singer and the second richest in the group, Gary Barlow at £102 million.

The singer has made much of his money from his music as well as film and TV work, books and his property portfolio.