Every year before Christmas there is always one weekend that allows shoppers to save big on their shopping. 

Brands and stores hold special Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that typically see items heavily discounted.

Whislt it can be a bit of a rat race to get the best deals, you can often save on items from TVs, designer goods, household appliances and much more.

So you don't miss out on any of the sales, we have the exact dates Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be taking place in 2023.

When are Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023?

In 2023, Black Friday will be taking place on Friday, November 24.

Whilst Cyber Monday takes place a few dates later on Monday, November 27.

News Shopper: Black Friday offers big savings.Black Friday offers big savings. (Image: Getty)

How to get the best deals on Black Friday

Shop around for deals

This may seem like an obvious tip, but shopping around and not taking the first deal on a product you see could be helpful.

You may end up getting more money off by checking out several websites or shops for the same item.

Check the price history of products

Checking the price history of an item through sites such as Pricerunner and PriceSpy can also help to ensure you are making a proper saving.

Avoid 'was' prices

The consumer champion site Which? recommend being wary of prices that say something along the lines of 'was £50, now £25' as they can be quite misleading.

They found that sometimes items were listed "at their lower price for longer than they were at their full 'was' price" and that retailers have used RRPs (recommended retail prices) as the 'was' price so it reflects the value of the product when it was first released rather than what it is in the current moment.

Wait until shortly after Black Friday

Alternatively, you could wait a couple of weeks until after Black Friday is over, and you may be able to get an even cheaper deal than previously offered.

Research conducted by Which? last year demonstrated that 92% of the 184 products they looked at were cheaper in the six months before Black Friday. 

Additionally, during the six months after Black Friday, nearly all (98.5%) of the products Which? looked at were cheaper or the same price at some point.

Being patient around this time of year may end up working in your favour.