Robbie Williams is one of the biggest and most successful artists in the UK music industry, winning 18 Brit awards, having 14 number-one songs and 11 number-one albums.

Although he started his fame from being one of five original members of Take That, Williams broke away and began his solo career.

Now in the new four-part Netflix documentary Robbie Williams, the singer is telling all with 30 years of unseen footage and candid discussions on his career.

Part of the documentary is set to show how he began his career and how created the fortune he now has, but how much is William worth?

What is Robbie Williams's net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robbie Williams has a net worth of £222 million.

Williams's wealth makes him the richest member of Take That, with a massive £120 million gap between the ‘Angles’ singer and the second richest in the group, Gary Barlow at £102 million.

How did Robbie Williams make his fortune?

Although Williams made money whilst in Take That, it wasn’t until he began his solo career in 1995 that he really began making big bucks.

In 2002 he broke records after signing the biggest record deal in British music history, making £80 million with EMI.

Williams's record deal was not the only money maker, selling over 75 million globally and selling mass amounts of tickets at 1.6 million.

Away from music, Williams has made from starring on screen, from featuring as the voice of Dougal in the 2005 film The Magic Roundabout and later starring as a judge in the 2018 edition of The X Factor, alongside his wife Ayda Field.

Plus, the singer has released five books, including ‘Somebody Someday’, ‘Reveal’ and ‘Feel’ and has his own video game, ‘We Sing Robbie Williams’.

Williams also makes mass amounts of his wealth from his property portfolio, back in 2021 the singer made over £60 million after selling three of his properties.

The ‘Kids’ singer sold a home in Wiltshire for £6.75 million, a property in Switzerland for £24 million and a Beverly Hills mansion for £38.2 million.