I’m a new dog owner and this year I changed my Bonfire Night plans to stay at home with my puppy because I don’t know how she will react.

For as long as I can remember, it’s been a dream of mine to become a dog owner, after growing up around friends and family who always had them as pets.

Due to circumstances at home when I was growing up, the right moment never came as my parents worked full time and my mum was (annoyingly) allergic to basically anything with fur.

News Shopper: I feel like the luckiest dog owner in the worldI feel like the luckiest dog owner in the world (Image: Newsquest)

But earlier this year, I was lucky enough for that dream to come true and I’m now the proud owner of Florence the Cockapoo, also known as Flossypops/Flo Rida (the list goes on).

I can’t quite believe how fast this energetic ginger ball of fluff has become such an integral part of my life, even though she is only seven months old.

Regardless of all the horrific puppy poo she has eaten, the sleepless nights, and the shredded letters she has torn to bits, I have never felt a love like it and I will always laugh at the naughty things she does.

I cancelled Bonfire Night plans because my puppy comes first - and that's okay

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Whilst it has been a huge learning curve which I was warned about by many people, I didn’t realise how much planning it would take when it comes to arranging days out and trips away.

As much as I wish she could be with me for every shopping trip and party I attend (because I’m ridiculous and want her to experience everything like a child), it’s not always possible.

For example, I soon realised after selfishly booking to go to a Bonfire Night event recently, I had a four-legged best friend at home to think about, so I decided to cancel.

Although I think it’s (sadly) normal for animals to be afraid of fireworks, I have heard terrible stories and seen the most distressing images when it comes to pets struggling on Bonfire Night.

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From relatives who have dogs that knocked a toilet off the wall in fright, to friends dogs who need to take medication and be wrapped in a shock vest throughout the evening – it can be traumatic for all involved, even if it’s for just one night a year.

Over the last few weeks, it has filled me with anxiety thinking about how Florence is going to cope because although she is well-socialised and so clever when it comes to identifying noises, she has never heard a firework go off.

When I really think about it, she doesn’t cope well when a large truck comes past when we are on a walk or a car zooms down the street with an intimidating engine – so what will a loud explosion sound like to her?

Why do people hate on others for wanting to protect their pets?

News Shopper: What do you do to keep your dog calm on Bonfire Night?What do you do to keep your dog calm on Bonfire Night? (Image: Newsquest)

I’ve seen so many comments on social media over the years on local groups – from people suggesting the more ‘pet-friendly’ fireworks for people to buy with low sound, to those claiming they will be putting on a display bigger and better than ever “for the snowflakes” worried about their animals on November 5.

Yet after never really having to consider it until now, I think every owner has a right to protect their animals, whether it’s a cat, rabbit, dog – you name it.

Is it really a crime to hope residents in my street won’t be putting on intense firework displays?

These animals rely on us for their safety and protection, and I for one know there is no companionship like a dog and it’s human.

So when you are next made to feel like a fool for not wanting to leave your pet on their own on Bonfire Night or you want to ask neighbours to hold off using booming fireworks, know that you are not alone and you should always do what you know is best.

It’s certainly not embarrassing, no matter what ridiculous comments you read online – after all, a cosy night in with snuggles from Florence is exactly where I want to be.