Big Brother's Jordan has been candid with fellow housemates after sharing details of his relationship with his father.

Discussing his father, he shared that they hadn't spoken in many years and described him as a "retired heroin addict". 

Chatting with Matty and Trish, they asked what Jordan meant by a "retired heroin addict", as the lawyer shared his father had passed away ten years ago. 

The two fellow housemates were unsure how to take Jordan's dry sense of humour but he reassured them that it was okay and they never really shared a relationship. 

Big Brother's Jordan shares details of 'tragic' relationship with his father

Many Big Brother viewers took to X, formally Twitter to show their support towards Jordan.

As one said: "Bless Jordan, he was definitely trying to steer away to not get emotional."

Another Big Brother viewer shared: "If you couldn't love Jordan anymore after that!"

One even called for Jordan to have his own show saying "Can we not get Jordan his own show!"

Who is up for eviction in week three of Big Brother?

This week, housemates Dylan, Hallie and Trish all face the public vote ahead of Friday night’s third live eviction of the series.

Trish received five nominations from Dylan, Jenkin, Kerry, Paul and Tom, making her the most nominated.

Meanwhile, Dylan gained four nominations from Kerry, Noky, Olivia and Trish.

Lastly, Hallie also received four nominations from  Chanelle, Jenkin, Jordan and Tom. 

However, one nominated housemate was originally not up for eviction but following a rule break, was forced to face the public vote.

Fan favourite Yinrun broke a Big Brother rule after discussing nominations, meaning her nominations for Hallie and Kerry were revoked, ultimately leading to Dylan facing the public vote alongside Hallie and Trish.

Friday night will see either Dylan, Hallie or Trish be evicted from the Big Brother house.