We spend so much time attached to our phones, tablets and laptops that it's no wonder that we leave our grubby fingerprints all over them - but how do you remove the smudges?

If you're wondering how to keep your tech sleek and free from oily smears and smudges, there are five 'quick' and 'affordable' methods you should try. 

A team of experts have revealed their tips for helping to keep your screens clean which range from a crafty DIY solution to scotch tape.

MeandMyGlass.co.uk have named five hacks to quickly remove those pesky dirty marks and keep the screens on your devices crystal clear. 

5 ways to clean your phone and laptop screen

Here are five ways you can take care of your tech, according to MeandMyGlass.co.uk.

1. DIY cleaning solution - Mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and distilled water to use as a screen cleaner. Avoid using tap water as the minerals may leave surface marks. This mixture is also handy for cleaning phone cases that have turned yellow.

2. Microfibre cloth - Using a cheap microfibre cloth is often the most simple yet effective way to keep electronic screens clean. In circular motions, use the soft fabric to remove any marks without leaving the glass further smudged or scratched.

3. T-shirt - Using a cotton t-shirt in small circular motions around the screen will successfully remove fingerprint marks from electronics. So long as the t-shirt is clean beforehand, this method will keep the screen from looking dirty.

4. Scotch tape - Scotch tape is a great solution for removing any fingerprints or dust from screens. Without leaving any sticky residue, sticking and peeling off the tape is an effective and affordable way to remove any marks.

5. Screen wipes - Screen wipes are easy to buy online or at the supermarket and are a good way to remove any dirty fingerprint smudges as well as sanitise the device from bacteria. The specially formulated wipes won’t leave any streaks on the screen either. 

News Shopper: Microfibre cloths, scotch tape and more are among the hacks recommended for removing fingerprints on screens. ( Getty Images)Microfibre cloths, scotch tape and more are among the hacks recommended for removing fingerprints on screens. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

John Cutts, founder of MeandMyGlass said: “It’s inevitable that we’re going to have lots of fingerprint marks on our phones, laptops, tablets and other devices that we touch every day.

“Luckily it is very easy and affordable to remove any smudges without scratching the glass screen.

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“Using fabrics such as a microfibre cloth or a cotton t-shirt will lift up any prints by rubbing the screen in small circular motions.

“Specific cleaning solutions can also be effective - screen wipes are designed to keep the glass streak-free and it is easy to make a DIY mixture at home to use on your devices.

“The roll of scotch tape that you have lying around in your house can also be used to get rid of any smudges and fingerprint marks.”