Gordon Ramsay has been relentlessly mocked online for his "incredibly moving story" in which he was forced to sell his Porsche.

On Sunday (October 22), sports presenter Jake Humphrey welcomed the world's most famous chef onto his High-Performance podcast.

During the hour-long episode, Ramsay talked about his incredible success and how that affected his private life.

Ramsay had his personal net income estimated to be US$63 million by Forbes in 2019, but it wasn't always the case.

The 56-year-old revealed one of the biggest life lessons he learnt was from his father-in-law when he asked to borrow £20,000 to put down a deposit on his and his wife Tana's first home.

He recalled: “We were young, we were stupid and we were skint. I remember going to ask her father if I could borrow £20,000 for the deposit for a flat that we fell in love with.

“And I thought this was all going well, lunch was good, I’ll pay for lunch and I said, ‘Oh about that deposit, Tana and I, we’ve got half of it but we need the other twenty grand. I’ll pay you back in a year.’ “He said, ‘Okay, here’s what I'll do. I'll have another lunch with you when you sell your Porsche’.”

The dad-of-five went on: “I thought, ‘You f***er but you clever f***er’. Here I am driving around in a flash f***ing nine eleven and we didn’t even have a f***ing house, we didn’t have a flat, we didn’t have a roof over our heads.

“It was the best advice he ever gave me, sell your f***ing Porsche. I did sell it and ten years later I went and bought it back, the same f***ing car.”

The "best advice" was torn apart in the comments section as users mocked Ramsay for the "least relatable story ever".

"Stunning and brave"

One user said: "An absolute mirror of my story. So pleased there's a pod that millions of us can relate to".

Another commented: "Obviously taken a short clip from a long conversation so not taking too much from it… But imagine having a Porsche and then the cheek to ask your father in law for £20k".

A particularly sarcastic response then followed: "Thank you Gordon, thank you Jake I have been wondering how I can save to afford a house but now I realise that I must sell my Porsche. This is the high performance mindset that you only get from this podcast".

And another said: "Extremely moving and relatable Humphrey. Thanks for sharing. Stunning and brave."