Cinemas this weekend are expected to be very busy as mega global popstar Taylor Swift releases the Eras Tour film.

The concert film will give fans the opportunity to watch Swift's worldwide tour on the big screen, even before the Eras Tour has come to the UK. 

Whilst the 'Blank Space' singer is coming to the UK in the summer of 2024, Swifty's in the UK get the chance to watch it early.

With presales already breaking box office records, Taylor Swift's Eras Tour film is set to be a massive event for the cinema industry.

Fans of the award-winning singer have already been getting ready with Swift-inspired outfits and are busy making friendship bracelets.

@rachellord22 Eras tour film popcorn bucket and cup comparisons from odeon and vue #TSTheErasTour #TSTheErasTourFilm #ErasTourFilm #Swiftie #SwiftTok #TaylorSwift ♬ original sound - Rachel Lord

As part of the release of the Eras Tour Film, Swift is selling exclusive merchandise with popcorn buckets and cups.

But the big question for Swifty's is whether you can get the popcorn buckets and cups in the UK.

Where can you get the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Film popcorn buckets and cups in the UK?

Both the cups and popcorn buckets will be sold in the UK across a select number of cinemas.

Taylor Swift fans can get their hands on the popcorn buckets and cups from Vue, Odeon and Cineworld.

However, buckets and cup styles will vary between cinemas as well as prices.

From Vue, the Eras Tour Cups are £3.99 whilst the popcorn buckets are £7.99.

Elsewhere the Odeons cups cost £14.89 each and the popcorn buckets cost between £19.89 and £12.89.