As a food lover, a table full of savoury treats is always a delight but choosing which condiments to have with it can make or break the meal.

While ketchup is a kitchen staple in my house, I realised I’ve not actually tried many versions of the red sauce.

Whether it’s to add to my hot dogs or to dip chips into, I’ve always gone for whatever my local supermarket has.

However, I decided to taste test a variety of ketchup, including supermarket-own brands and ketchup from well-known brands.

News Shopper: I taste tested tomato sauces and there's one I'd avoid in futureI taste tested tomato sauces and there's one I'd avoid in future (Image: Newsquest)

What I thought about four different brands of ketchup

Ketchup number 1 – 82p for a 550g bottle

First of all, I gave Lidl’s ketchup a try and I was surprised to find out that it was the most tomato-ey out of the lot.

However, it was a little runny in consistency and had a thinner texture but not enough to call it watery as such.

It definitely is up there as one of my favourites, see my overall ranking below.

 Ketchup number 2 - £2.30 for a 250g bottle

Next up was Heinz and since the brand is known for its sauces and cupboard essentials, I had high hopes.

It was thicker in consistency compared to the likes of Lidl’s and had a strong flavour.

Heinz’s ketchup tasted less salty to me than Lidl’s did and I think overall, it’s a strong choice.

However, since I do like some cheaper versions of ketchup, I don’t naturally reach for Heinz when I’m in a shop because I can get a version that I like for much less.

News Shopper: I tried four different tomato saucesI tried four different tomato sauces (Image: Newsquest)

Ketchup number 3 – 67p for a 460g bottle

I also tried ketchup from Sainsbury’s and I was very surprised to find it had a smoky flavour – something I’d usually associate with only BBQ sauce.

I found this one to be thicker but for me, it didn’t taste much like ketchup and for that reason it isn’t one of my favourites.

Although I wouldn't recommend it, it's the cheapest one I tried at an impressive 67p.

Ketchup number 4 – Around £1-£1.50 for a 500ml bottle.

I then tried the last ketchup which was by Crucials which reminded me of the sachets of ketchup you get when you order a burger or hot dog from a food van.

It was quite salty but also had a sweetness to it as well as a thin consistency.

Although I’d have this with chips, burgers or hot dogs, I’m not sure the sweetness of it would work so well with something like eggs on toast – a solid breakfast choice made better with a squirt of ketchup, in my opinion.

It was already in my cupboard and I don’t remember how much I paid for it but I think it’s usually around £1 to £1.50 for a bottle.

Which ketchup won the taste test?

Overall, one of my favourites was from Lidl and I’d also put the Heinz one up there.

However, my overall favourite would have to be Lidl’s because taking all factors into account, I think being able to buy a ketchup that tastes as good as this one does for less than £1 is enough to put the Heinz one in second place.