I love a Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) as much as the next person during the autumn months, but for me, it’s the Halloween collection at Lush that I look forward to the most (other than the famous Christmas products).

It might be a little embarrassing to admit but “self-care” is one of my favourite things to incorporate into my week.

I’m the first to make any excuse as to why I must have a bath overflowing with bubbles with a Spotify playlist on, as I use every possible bath soak, body scrub and face mask in one go.

I’ll spare the details of how many hours I once spent in the tub, but I will introduce you to some of the spooky body, bath and shower treats Lush has brought out this year because I’m desperate to shout about them.

@uktoday_ It’s time to get spooky! Here’s my @LUSH Hallween haul including THE Monster Octopus shower jelly ☠️👽🎃🔮👻 #lush #halloween #monsteroctopus ♬ Campfire - Charmer & Klay

Why is this you ask? Well, it’s because I truly think Lush is the gift that keeps on giving to all of us “self-care” fanatics.

This is why you cannot miss out on the Lush Halloween range for 2023

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on these eight items from the Lush Halloween range, from the Monster Party gift set to the Toil and Trouble body scrub.

But there was one clear winner that has changed my shower routine forever (even if it's a limited edition).

Monster Party gift set (£28.00)

This box is packed with four insanely scented bath bombs and bubble bars (it also has some cool sticker sheets too).

News Shopper: The Monster Octopus shower jelly from Lush has been a favourite on TikTokThe Monster Octopus shower jelly from Lush has been a favourite on TikTok (Image: Newsquest)

It includes the minty Bonehead and citrus Alien bubble bar, as well as the fruity Ghostie and bergamot and grapefruit-infused Screaming Banshee bath bombs.

All of them were so nourishing on my skin and created vibrant swirls of colour in the bath, from blue to yellow, pink and green.

I particularly liked the Ghostie bath bomb as watching the rainbow of colour emerge whilst the fruity notes took over the bathroom hit the spot for me.

The way the colours changed also reminded me of the Intergalactic bath bomb which was my go-to back in the day.

Toil and Trouble body scrub (£13.00)

This has changed the body scrub game for me because I have a bad habit of spending silly amounts of money on them and not seeing the best results.

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However, the Toil and Trouble body scrub is great value for money as a little goes a long way and it’s very moisturising, without making your skin feel sticky.

I’m also obsessed with the purple witch-inspired colour and the refreshing blackcurrant scent.

Monster Octopus shower jelly (£10.50)

This Lush product has made a name for itself on social media and has gone viral on TikTok.

I never knew a shower jelly could be so amusing yet smell and feel amazing too.

It foams up well once massaged over wet skin (who doesn’t want to glide a one-eyed octopus over them in the shower) and has a similar scent to the classic Snow Fairy.

The jelly slides back into its recyclable tub with its tentacles in the air as it waits to be used again - this is the clear winner of my haul.

News Shopper: This may be the oddest yet best thing I've ever used in the showerThis may be the oddest yet best thing I've ever used in the shower (Image: Newsquest)

Pumpkin sheet mask (£7.50)

This face mask does exactly what it says on the wrapper as it’s certainly hydrating without leaving your face feeling tacky.

I liked how it wasn’t pumpkin scented as other than a PSL, pumpkin flavoured or smelling things are usually a miss from me.

Instead, the Pumpkin sheet mask gave off subtle orange notes and what I found really impressive, is that it can be repackaged and popped in the fridge to be reused again within seven days.

Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe lip scrub (£7.00)

Finally, it’s the exfoliating lip scrub that has taken over from my go-to bubble-gum flavour.

The bright blue colour reminds me of putting on blue lipstick when I used to dress up as a witch as a child (those were the days).

It provides just the right amount of sugar scrub without being too harsh or sticky and has a mix of jojoba and sweet wild orange oil.

You can see the full Halloween collection available at Lush online.