Sky customers were still reporting issues with their broadband on Wednesday morning (September 20) after thousands had problems the night before.

It can be frustrating when the internet goes down at home, with more people than ever before working from home and many relying on it to stream TV apps - not to mention online shopping.

The Sun reported: “Over 70,000 Sky broadband users were affected by the outage at 10pm on Tuesday night according to Downdetector - with over 1,500 problems still being reported on Wednesday morning.”

In a statement released on Tuesday evening (September 19), Sky said: "We are aware that some Sky Broadband customers have been experiencing issues. Our engineers have now resolved this however If you continue to experience issues please complete a power reset on your Sky Broadband Hub. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

But one question most people will now be wanting an answer for is if you can get your money back after the technical disruption. Let’s take a look at the company policy.

Can I get my money back after Sky internet outage?

According to the Sky website, there are three ways customers will be able to receive automatic compensation, such as:

You experience a total loss of service

“Your service stops working completely and isn’t fixed after two full working days from when you first tell us of the fault, (this does not include intermittent issues), this is payable at a rate of £9.33 per day until the fault is fixed.”

An engineer missed an appointment

“Your engineer misses the appointment we confirmed to you to fix or install your broadband and/or talk service; or it’s cancelled/changed by Sky with less than 24 hours’ notice. We’ll pay you £29.15 for each missed appointment.”

News Shopper: It can be frustrating when the internet stops working and you have important jobs to doIt can be frustrating when the internet stops working and you have important jobs to do (Image: Getty)

Delayed provisioning

“We fail to start your new broadband and/or talk services from the date we confirmed to you in writing, this is payable at a rate of £5.83 per day for each day in delay. Remember that the installation/activation date you're given at point of sale isn't confirmed and can change.”

Sky adds: “Any Automatic Compensation payment due to you will be paid to you within 30 days of the missed appointment date or activation of your service following a delay, or cancellation of your delayed order, or when your service fault is resolved.”

You can find more information about automatic compensation as a Sky customer online.