Russell Brand has long been a popular comedian, actor and internet personality with him first becoming a household name in the early-2000s thanks to his stand-up and presenting roles.

More recently, his controversial YouTube channel has seen him garner millions of views online by covering topics like the war in Ukraine, Covid-19 and through interviews with right-wing figures like Tucker Carlson.

Brand has also featured in a number of TV shows and films during his acting career which started in the early 1990s.

The actor lent his voice and skills to a number of projects like Despicable Me, Cold Blood and the 2022 remake of Death on the Nile.

Who is Russell Brand married to and was he engaged to Katy Perry?

Russell Brand is currently married to Scottish blogger and former restaurateur Laura Gallacher with the two tying the knot all the way back in 2017. The pair have dated on and off since 2007.

Russell Brand was also married to American pop star Katy Perry after meeting the singer in 2009.

Later that year, the celebrities became engaged and married in 2010 in a Hindu ceremony.

However, in 2011, Brand filed for a divorce, citing irreconcilable differences between them before the separation was finalised in 2012.

Does Russell Brand have any children?

Russell Brand has two children, announcing his first daughter Mabel with Kirsty in 2016.

A second daughter was also announced in 2018 with the two naming her Peggy.

What is Russell Brand's net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Russell Brand is estimated to have a net worth of around £16 million.

This is said to come from his stand-up work, presenting roles, acting career and recent success online as a vlogger.

He is also a published author and wrote Revolution which sees the activist advocate for a non-violent social revolution based on ideals like spirituality and common good.

This net worth is correct at the time of writing.