EastEnders has reportedly been thrown into chaos after popular star and well-known comedian Brian Conley 'quit' the show after "bitter arguments" with show bosses.

Brian, who has played Thomas Cotton on the popular East London soap opera since 2021, apparently fell out with showrunners and demanded to be written out of the programme.

His alleged abrupt exit is said to have caused headaches for the writing team, leaving many angry and dismayed.

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It has been suggested that a year-long plotline has been ruined with the writers contemplating killing off Brian Conley's character as he leaves.

BBC bosses 'furious' as Brian Conley quits EastEnders over 'arguments'

A source close to the production of EastEnders on BBC One told The Sun: “Brian was a brilliant signing and has been a big hit with fans. But it looks as though he’s just not enjoying being on EastEnders any more — and has been telling a lot of colleagues and telly friends he wanted out for a while.

“He seems delighted he’s got his own way. The Beeb wanted him to stay, but he’s having none of it. The truth is, bosses are furious. They’d made so many plans around him and his character, and they really thought he was in for the long haul. There has been a lot said in private about him messing up their plans.

“Whatever has wound him up, it feels like he can’t get out of there quick enough — and now they’re going to have to rewrite their storyline plans for his rapid exit.”

Brian's character has played a key role in the story of the show over the last couple of years with him marrying fan-favourite Kathy Beale and being introduced as Sonia Fowler's biological father.

Brian has also seemed more than happy to discuss his work on the show, sharing how pleased he was that his character was on the cover of TV Times.

EastEnders is available to watch on BBC One and on-demand via BBC iPlayer.