Fans walked out mid-way through The Strokes' set at London's popular All Points East Festival late on Friday evening.

The US rock band performed at All Points East in Victoria Park late on Friday (August 25) led by frontman Julian Casablancas. 

The band played tracks like Juicebox, Reptilia, Under Control, Red Light and Last Nite during their set to hundreds of adoring fans. 

News Shopper: Fans complained they couldn't hear The Strokes while on stage at the All Point East Festival.Fans complained they couldn't hear The Strokes while on stage at the All Point East Festival. (Image: PA)

Fans walk out of The Strokes' set at All Points East Festival

But there were some fans left a little disappointed, leaving mid-way through The Strokes' set complaining they struggled to hear the band. 

According to PA News Agency, chants of "turn it up" could be heard across Victoria Park as fans struggled to hear the music and Casablanca as he attempted to interact with the crowd.

The band could be heard playing instruments, but large groups of fans appeared to leave the festival early due to poor sound quality.

This isn't the first time the band has had sound issues at an All Points East gig.

Back in 2019, fans also complained about The Strokes playing All Points East and claimed the band had sound issues.

While The Strokes were the headline act on Friday at All Points East, the crowd also heard performances from the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Angel Olsen, Girl in Red and Amyl and the Sniffers. 

There were no sound issues reported with other bands.

But not all fans were upset with The Strokes's set at All Points East last night. 

Most fans could be seen enjoying the performance - dancing, clapping and singing along to the band’s hits.

"Worst sound at a gig I've ever heard" - fans take to social media with complaints about The Strokes' set

Fans took to social media to express their disappointment at the sound quality of the set from The Strokes at the All Points East Festival on Friday.

Replying to a video of the band's performance at All Points East on Twitter (X), one fan said: "Aye awful sound. Where it was better was rammed. Was deliberating at the outrageously priced tix (£95). Never seen a gig with so many people leaving midway."

While another added: "I could see The Strokes but damned if I could hear them! It was so quiet. Worst sound at a gig I've ever heard."

A third fan commented: "Horrific sound. We could have full on quiet conversations. It was like watching them on YouTube."

Representatives for The Strokes have been contacted for comment.

All Points East runs through until Monday, August 28.