Slack users have reported that the messaging service was down this morning (Thursday, July 27).

Users were unable to send and receive messages and since many people use the service for communicating with their work colleagues, it caused a pause in their work day.

According to Down Detector, issues started just before 10am on Thursday.

Problems were reported with the messaging service across the UK on Down Detector including in London, Cardiff and Manchester.

Of the problems reported, 64% related to sending messages while 23% related to receiving messages.

A further 13% related to the Slack app, at the time of writing.

Slack users take to Twitter as messaging service goes down

Despite the messaging service being down, users took to Twitter in good spirits.

One shared a picture of a message not sending and the error message received plus an emoji showing a person shrugging, saying: “Hmm.. #Slack is down, but @SlackStatus page shows up and running”

Another joked: “Slack's down. Gone back to bed.”

Along with the two eyes emoji, a third tweeted: “Is slack down or have I just been fired?”

A user shared their frustration, tweeting: “Of all the times for Slack to be down it’s now”