Rishi Sunak has weighed in on allegations that a BBC presenter paid for sexual images from a teenager saying it was “shocking” and “concerning”.

Doubt was cast on the allegations last night when the young person's lawyer issued a statement labelling the claims against the BBC presenter as "rubbish". 

A spokesperson for The Sun told the BBC: "We have reported a story about two very concerned parents who made a complaint to the BBC about the behaviour of a presenter and the welfare of their child.

"Their complaint was not acted upon by the BBC.

"We have seen evidence that supports their concerns. It's now for the BBC to properly investigate."

News Shopper: Rishi Sunak has commented on whether MPS will use the protection of parliamentary privilege to name the BBC presenter.Rishi Sunak has commented on whether MPS will use the protection of parliamentary privilege to name the BBC presenter. (Image: PA)

This comes after the Met Police met with the BBC over allegations that a presenter working with the broadcaster paid a teenager for sexual images.

However, the police force added that no investigation was taking place "at this time".

Rishi Sunak says BBC presenter allegations are "concerning"

Speaking to reporters on the plane to the Nato summit in Lithuania this morning, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak labelled the allegations against the anonymous BBC reporter “shocking” and “concerning”.

Mr Sunak said: "They were shocking, concerning allegations, of course they were.

“The Culture Secretary spoke to the director general, I think it was on Sunday.

“And he has reassured that the process they are undertaking is vigorous and will be swift, so we’ve had those reassurances.

“And I think that is the right thing to do because, given the concerning nature of the allegations, it is right that they are investigated swiftly and rigorously.

“And it is important we now let that carry on.”

Asked if he had been told who the BBC presenter in question was, Mr Sunak replied: “No.

“But I’ve been reassured that the process will be conducted vigorously and swiftly.”

He also declined to comment on reports some MPs could be considering naming the BBC presenter at the centre of the allegations under the protection of parliamentary privilege.

The Prime Minister said: “We have an existing set of laws that govern free speech and privacy.

“I think it’s important that the BBC conducts this investigation quickly and rigorously given the concerning and serious nature of the allegations.”