The family of a teenager that was allegedly paid by a BBC presenter for sexually explicit images is said to be upset by the broadcaster's latest response.

An unnamed member of staff is currently suspended as the BBC released a statement confirming that they "expect to be in a position to provide a further update in the coming days."

The BBC said it first became aware of a complaint in May and then of "new allegations" on Thursday (July 6).

It was first reported in The Sun on Friday (July 7) that a presenter allegedly began paying the young person over a three-year period, starting when they were 17, and that a total of £35,000 was paid for the content.

How has the BBC responded to this scandal?

The BBC said it was working as quickly as possible to establish the facts and it is also meeting the Metropolitan Police later to discuss the matter.

In a statement released on Sunday (July 9) it said: "The BBC first became aware of a complaint in May."

The broadcaster went on: "New allegations were put to us on Thursday of a different nature and in addition to our own enquiries we have also been in touch with external authorities, in line with our protocols."

However, in a new story, published by The Sun on Sunday evening, the paper said the family of the teenager were upset with the wording of the BBC's Sunday statement.

It also claimed the BBC presenter made what it calls two "panicked calls" to the young person - who is now 20 - after the report came out.

The family told the Sun they initially became frustrated in May, when the presenter remained on air despite them making the BBC aware of their concerns.

It was after that that they decided to approach the paper.

In an email to BBC staff on Sunday, director general Tim Davie said such allegations were taken "incredibly seriously" and the corporation was working rapidly on ascertaining the facts and "to ensure that these matters are handled fairly and with care".

He also condemned "unsubstantiated rumours" being made online about some presenters working at the BBC.