The Met Police in London has reopened an investigation into alleged Covid-19 breaches in the winter of 2020.

This came after new evidence was leaked to the public, appearing to show Conservative campaign staff breaking social distancing rules which were in place at the time.

The video was widely shared online before police began assessing it to determine if it warranted another investigation.

Previously, a still image from the supposed party was released but the Met Police said that this was insufficient evidence of rule-breaking and so no fines were issued for it.

In the video, two Conservative staffers can be seen dancing before falling into a buffet table.

A person behind the camera can be heard saying: “As long as we don’t stream that we’re like, bending the rules."

On top of this, the Police have also announced that they will be investigating another alleged gathering in Parliament during Covid-19 restrictions.

Of the renewed investigation, the Met Police said: “The Met … previously carried out an investigation into an event in Matthew Parker Street on December 14 2020.

“Based on the information available at the time, that investigation did not lead to FPNs, but outcome letters sent to some participants stated that ‘the Metropolitan Police reserves the right to revisit this decision in the event that further significant evidence comes to light’. The receipt of video evidence has resulted in the Met revisiting and updating the assessment.”