A programme by popular TV chef Gordon Ramsay is set to be axed, leaving many viewers of the culinary show gutted.

The show, which has been broadcast by the BBC since 2022, is set to be cancelled by the broadcaster after only two seasons.

Future Food Stars follows 12 entrepreneurs as they battle it out for a £150,000 investment from Gordon Ramsay for their respective food businesses.

The contestants must compete in a number of business and food-related challenges before a single winner is selected by Gordon Ramsay.

Reports from TV Zone suggest that the show is being cancelled after failing to bring in high viewership.

According to the report, no episode was able to exceed a viewership of two million with a repeat of the ITV comedy programme It'll Be Alright On The Night supposedly beating the grand finale of Future Food Stars.

However, the BBC has not confirmed these reports with TV Zone having approached the broadcaster for comment.

The Apprentice star Lord Sugar hits out at Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars

This comes after criticism of the show by The Apprentice star Lord Sugar who described the programme as a "virtual rip-off" of his own.

In an interview with the Mail Online, Alan Sugar said: "Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV have tried for many years — at least for 17 years — to try and replicate the elimination process of The Apprentice," adding: "I say this with great respect to them but they’ve failed. Last year, Gordon Ramsay had some cockamamie idea.

“I like Gordon and I think he’s very good and should stick to what he should do: cooking and all that stuff. I don’t know how the lawyers allowed it because it was a virtual rip-off of The Apprentice.

"No disrespect to Gordon but stick to your day job, mate. That’s all I would say.”

Episodes of Future Food Stars can be found on BBC iPlayer.