EastEnders fans are in for another exciting and dramatic storyline as the London-based soap confirms a top-secret episode.

The episode, which will air next week, has had few details revealed to viewers but is sure to answer lots of questions.

The episode is set to be connected to the newly introduced Knight family with the show revealing what has happened to George's (Colin Salmon) wife Rose.

The episode's synopsis on the BBC One website tells viewers: "The truth about what happened to Rose Knight is finally revealed."

This comes after another episode which follows Phil as he starts to delve into George's past.

The EastEnders episode is set to air on Thursday, June 22 from 7:30 pm on BBC One but no confirmation has been made about whether or not the episode will be put on BBC iPlayer in the morning.

This comes after showrunners opted to not give fans access to the Christmas flash-forward episode the next day, making everyone watch it at the same time.

The flash forward revealed that there would be a Christmas murder with the identity of the victim and murderer not revealed.

In the run-up to the episode, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is convinced to dig into Roses' disappearance after some persuasion from Linda (Kellie Bright).

Phil then convinces Callum (Tony Clay) to search the police database but comes away with information that is not likely to put Linda's mind at ease.

Speaking with the Metro, Colin Salmon said of the storyline: "George is affronted and angry".

He added: "George has been living under a cloud. Some people think he killed Rose, so it’s been nine years of mystery and heartache on top of suspicion and misunderstanding.

"It’s hard if you are a member of a family and your spouse has gone missing, everyone thinks they know what’s going on."

EastEnders airs the secret episode on Thursday, June 22 on BBC One from 7:30 pm.