EastEnders newcomer Bobby Brazier is expected to be grabbing some dancing shoes and take to the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor. 

The 20-year-old actor and son of the late Jade Goody joined the BBC soap as Freddie Slater and is now expected to sign up for the dance show. 

It comes as an insider of Strictly told The Sun: "Bobby is the dream signing for Strictly — he’s a young heart-throb who comes with a huge fanbase.

“He also has a very personal backstory and there’s so much love out there for Jade.

“There’s a few last-minute details to sort but the talks are in final stages.”

EastEnders star set to sign up for Strictly Come Dancing

Bobby is the son of TV star Jade Goody and Jeff Brazier, in 2002 Jade shot to fame after starring in Big Brother and passed away in 2009 from cervical cancer. 

Since joining EastEnders, the 20-year-old has reflected on his mum and has previously said: "I’m always being told that she’s a hero and that she was funny and that people see me in her on a daily basis, which is nice."

Bobby stars as Little Mo Slater's son Freddie in the BBC soap and has seen him featured in story line s including undiagnosed ADHD and money-making schemes with Bobby Beale and Alfie Moon.