Netflix users have discovered a way that they can avoid paying the upcoming password-sharing charge. 

It comes as many users of the streaming service shared their anger following the news from Netflix that they would be charging £4.99 a month. 

The charge would affect anyone who shares their password with friends or family, not in the same household. 

However, with many Netflix viewers left unhappy with the new charge, some have found ways to avoid the fee. 

A handy trick has been shared on the Reddit group Unethical Life Pro Tips before the charge begins, according to Evening Standard. 

News Shopper: The trick could save users £5 a month.The trick could save users £5 a month. (Image: Canva)

Netflix users share ways you can avoid the extra charge

Redditors in the group shared how using a VPN or LAN would allow you to connect multiple devices to just one network from anywhere in the world. 

According to Netflix users, the trick can be done by using NordVPN and using its Meshnet feature. 

Using this feature with Netflix means that people can use the same IP address as the main account without being in the same household and avoid the password-sharing charge. 

As Netflix is said to be seeing what devices are connected to the account holder's internet to make the charges, that VPN doesn't need you to hide your IP address but instead routes traffic through a TV or laptop from home. 

How to use a VPN to avoid Netflix charge

If you want to try your hand at the trick you will need to download NordVPN and sign up before heading to a dialogue box and clicking 'turn on Meshnet'.

You will then be able to begin traffic routing, letting multiple devices connect to the same household internet, by clicking on 'route traffic'. 

Then, you will see a list of devices that you can activate which be the same ones signed into the NordVPN account. 

Once the devices are chosen, invitations will be sent to those logged in with their Meshnet turned on, letting you watch freely.