Fans are in for a treat as the BBC confirms the return of an iconic star to Albert Square after leaving the show "for good".

After causing trouble on the East London soap opera, Sam Mitchell, who is played by Kim Medcalf, left the Square to take up a fancy new job in Spain provided to her by her boyfriend Don.

Sam left behind her don Ricky Branning in April when she was driven out of town in a taxi to start her new life.

Most of the characters were pleased to see her go but many missed the drama with some saying dropping her had been a big mistake.

Previously, the BBC showrunners had implied that Sam Mitchell would be making a return but this was recently confirmed when a spokesperson told The Sun newspaper: "We can confirm that Sam Mitchell has not left Walford for good and Kim Medcalf will be returning to EastEnders."

The exact date of return has not been announced but she could make a return in the summer as one of her family members goes through a rough patch.

This comes as her son Ricky is ready to become a father for the first time while the Mitchells rally around Ben's daughter Lexi after her mother Lola dies from a terminal brain tumour.

The death of Lexi was confirmed by showrunners all the way back in 2022 with the scenes for her funeral already filmed.

EastEnders first aired in 1985 and follows the fictional residence of Albert Square in East London.

EastEnders airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.