Viewers of Sunday night's TV Bafta Awards were left outraged after discovering that some speeches were cut short. 

With those that had links to current political affairs being edited to take out any such links. 

Including Derry Girls star Siobhán McSweeney who won for female performance in a comedy programme as Sister Michael.

In her speech she thanked Derry, saying: "Thank you for taking me into your hearts and living rooms. 

"I am daily impressed with how you encompass the spirit of compromise the resilience despite the indignity, ignorance and stupidity of your so-called leaders in Dublin Stormont and Westminster. 

"In the words of my beloved Sister Micheal: 'It's time they started to wise up'."

Although the speech received cheers and applause from audiences at the show, the BBC did not air it on BBC One. 

Instead cutting out the political link but keeping the thanks to Derry and family. 

Twitter was quick to pick up on the edit as they began questioning why the BBC would start cutting. 

As one user wrote: "Jeez this edit just cuts out the whole essence and body of what Siobhán said. Would be very interested to see just why this decision was taken and the reason for it."

Another added: "I thought after thanking the people of Derry, flow seemed a bit off. Now It makes Sense."

Others shared that they think the BBC did the right thing: "They’ve removed it for that exact reason - to remain unbiased - which is correct. It’s the national broadcaster and it’s not a current affairs show so has to remain politically neutral and can’t just slag off one group."

Why were speeches at the Baftas cut short?

Speaking of the topic, a BBC spokesperson said: “As in previous years, due to the nature of the show it is broadcast with a short delay, and while we always aim to keep the core sentiment of acceptance speeches, edits have to be made due to time constraints.”

They also added that the live event took place over three hours but the broadcasted edition was cut down to two hours to fit its air slot. 

Plus, McSweeny was not the only winner whose speech was edited during the night but all speeches will be available to watch via BAFTAs YouTube Channel.