Popular TV personality Rylan Clark has hit out at an unnamed TV presenter for being "rude and fake" as the Eurovision host reveals a feud.

The X Factor star revealed that he has had a secret feud with a "two-faced" star in a recent interview.

Rylan, who is well-known for his various role on shows like Big Brother and Strictly's It Takes Two, revealed the feud to fans on This Morning where he said he can 'see through' people now.

He said: "People can see through it all now. People can see who are the real ones and can very much see who isn't.

"I've been in this industry for nearly 11 years, and all I've ever been is nice and polite to people."

Rylan slams 'rude' TV presenter after shouting at production staff

However, Rylan Clark revealed that there are people who are nothing like that, adding on This Morning: "And that's starting to pay off for me now, because there are people in this industry who aren't like that. They think they're something special. And the walls are starting to fall."

This comes after he told fans that he feels as though there are stars who treat staff and production runners like "rubbish".

He recalled one well-known TV presenter who he overheard shouting at a runner after they got them the wrong drink.

After seeing this, he said he stepped in to tell the presenter off for their awful behaviour on set.

Rylan said: "I told them to f*** off and then I went and had a ciggy with the runner."

'It doesn't matter what country you're from': Rylan Clark praises Eurovision for bringing people together

This month, Rylan will present the Eurovision Song Contest as it comes to Liverpool after being a lifelong fan of the annual event.

He said: “It gives people escapism. It’s one week of the year where we can all be part of this family.

“When you’re there, it doesn’t matter what country you’re from.

“If you’re gay or straight, if you’re black or white – none of that matters. Everyone is just together.”