A warning has been issued to anyone who watches TV on Sky as cybercriminals attempt to trick households with a new scam.

The Satellite TV firm has issued an urgent warning after discovering a sneaky scam that is incredibly easy to fall for.

As with most modern companies, Sky uses a range of innovative technologies like QR codes to make the user experience better.

Customers can scan one of these codes which appears on the screen using their mobile device, making it easy to carry out annoying tasks.

News Shopper: (Canva) QR codes are widely used with Sky issuing them to make setups much easier(Canva) QR codes are widely used with Sky issuing them to make setups much easier (Image: Canva)

However, it has been warned that unsavoury individuals and groups are using this against the customer to take them to fake websites where personal information can be stolen.

Despite the major concerns, there are easy ways to avoid falling for this scam.

How to avoid new QR code scam as Sky issues urgent warning to TV Customers

Sky told its customers that using the built-in camera feature to scan QR codes is safe but that issues arise when people use QR scanners which have to be downloaded from the app/play store.

Sky explained: "Sometimes when you’re signing up for a new app on Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream, we might ask you to scan a QR code that appears on your screen. This is so we can get you set up faster."

News Shopper: (Canva) Sky customers have also been warned over fake emails and phone calls(Canva) Sky customers have also been warned over fake emails and phone calls (Image: Canva)

It added: "We’re currently seeing a problem where some customers, who are using third-party QR code scanner apps, are being re-directed to a fake website and having their financial details stolen.

"We’d advise you to only use your phone’s camera when scanning QR codes on Sky pages. If your phone camera does not have a built-in scanner, carefully enter the URL provided next to the QR code into your phone’s browser."

Sky tells customers to be careful of fake emails and phone calls amid QR code scam 

On top of this, Sky is also urging customers to be extra vigilant when it comes to fake emails, phone calls and texts that purport to be from the company.

This is why it is a good idea to never give out details to a stranger on the phone or to respond to messages sent to you that demand details.

Sky added: "These are fraudulent calls, emails or texts pretending to be from companies or banks and trying to get money or personal, sensitive or financial info from you. E.g. usernames, passwords, credit card details, or even your Sky viewing card number.

"They might get in touch by phone, email or text, or through a website or social media, and can often look or sound genuine. No matter how you’re contacted, you should always be wary of anything you weren’t expecting."