A UK airport has scrapped the 100ml liquid limits rule on hand luggage.

London City Airport is the first airport in the UK to make the changes, altering the restrictions which have been in place since 2006.

The change has been made possible because of new high-tech CT machines which are able to produce high-resolution 3D scans of bags, meaning staff can expect them at all angles.

Instead of the old 100ml limit, travellers will now be allowed to carry two litres of liquid onto a plane in hand baggage.

The new rules and new scanners are expected to be rolled out to more major airports across the UK in the coming months.

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You will also no longer be asked to place creams and cosmetic items into clear plastic bags when going through security, and laptops will not be needed to be removed from bags.

A spokesman told the Metro: “We’re very pleased that the new machines in operation now and have our full complement of 4 in place ahead of the Easter getaway.”

Last year, the Government set a deadline of June 2024 to get the technology set up.

Announcing the plans in December 2022, transport secretary Mark Harper said: “The tiny toiletry has become a staple of airport security checkpoints, but that’s all set to change.

“I’m streamlining cabin bag rules at airports while enhancing security.

“By 2024, major airports across the UK will have the latest security tech installed, reducing queuing times, improving the passenger experience, and most importantly detecting potential threats.”