The BBC's longest-running children's show has a new presenter but who is joining the Blue Peter line up?

Abby Cook, 20, is set to star alongside Mwaksy, Joel and Henry the dog with her first show airing on Friday, March 10.

Cook will become the family favourite's 42nd presenter in the BBC show's history.

How long has Blue Peter been on TV?

Blue Peter first aired on October 16, 1958 with the opening episode being only 15 minutes long and scheduled to run for only 6 weeks, the BBC has said.

It is the longest-running children's programme in the world and is actually among some of the oldest TV shows in the world. 

Who is the new Blue Peter presenter?

Abby Cook studied at Grangemouth High School in Scotland, before she went off to study Applied Biological Science at Forth Valley College.

Ms Cook was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome at birth.

News Shopper: Abby Cook joins the Blue Peter line up from Friday, March 10. (BBC)Abby Cook joins the Blue Peter line up from Friday, March 10. (BBC) (Image: BBC)

EDS causes a person's joints to easily dislocate and it also affects other connective tissues like your skin and blood vessel walls.

As a wheelchair user, Abby loves to get involved in sports like wheelchair racing.

She trains twice a week with Paralympians as part of the Forth Valley Flyers, and she is also a big fan of wheelchair basketball. 

The new presenter also described herself to the BBC as a big kid at heart and a bit of a thrill seeker.

Speaking to the broadcaster ahead of her debut, she revealed that she had been a lifelong fan of the programme and that she even collected the badges as a child.

Who were the first presenters on Blue Peter?

The beloved programme's first presenters were Christopher Trace and Leila Williams.

Who was the longest-serving presenter on Blue Peter?

John Noates is the longest-serving and perhaps the most famous Blue Peter presenter.

Noates worked on the programme during the 60s and 70s and was actually on the show for 12 years and six months.