Users of Gmail and Google have been reporting issues with their service this afternoon as they are unable to access their emails.

Reports began to appear on Down Detector, a site used for reporting outages at around 1pm on Monday, February 27.

For Gmail, reports reached just under 4000 as users struggles to access their email.

Users also appear to be having issues with Google and Google Drive.

Is Gmail down?

According to Down Detector, the majority of issues being reported are to do with server connection.

At time of writing, Google has not confirmed any issues with its service.

However many users took to social media to report their issues.

One wrote: “Gmail just went down.”

Another said: “Checking Twitter to confirm Gmail is down”

Another user wrote: “Is Google Down for anyone else or just me?”


You can keep up to date with the status of Gmail and other Google services on the Down Detector website.