Happy Valley has finally concluded its run after three series and 18 episodes, and one of its stars has talked about the "pressure" of filming its final scenes.

James Norton, who played Tommy Lee Royce on the show, was appearing on The News Agents podcast when this was brought up.

The 37-year-old also mentioned how "brilliant" it was to work alongside Sarah Lancashire on Happy Valley, who played Catherine Cawood.

The full podcast can be listened to on the Global Player website here.

News Shopper: James Norton played Tommy Lee Royce on Happy ValleyJames Norton played Tommy Lee Royce on Happy Valley (Image: PA)

What did James Norton have to say on Happy Valley?

On filming the final scenes of Happy Valley and working with Sarah Lancashire, Norton said: "Everyone knew that this day was very special. No one knew what was going to happen because they only gave the scripts to Sarah and myself and the people, the producers who needed to know, so everyone was really excited to see what happened.

"And the crew, the cast, everyone was walking around in whispers. The energy was palpable. It was crackling. And Sarah and I, I think we knew the pressure on us, but often you thrive in that kind of environment.

"I mean, I could say so many platitudes about her. She's genuinely very, very special and brilliant."

It had been reported before the final episode that multiple endings had been filmed, but Norton debunked that.

He said: "No, that's complete nonsense. I can put that to bed now. That was the media taking something which was said completely out of context.

"I think what happened is Amit Shah, who played Faisal said that... I think they shot his final scene in lots of different ways, different sort of interpretations, which was then misconstrued and then was a rumour that we'd shot hundreds of different endings, which would have been a hugely wasteful and impractical way of shooting.

"You're already desperately trying to play against the clock. And so, the idea of having days to shoot alternative endings is nonsense."

All episodes of Happy Valley are available to watch right now on the BBC iPlayer.