Woolwich Common situated in the South-East of London is a place where business isn't booming at the moment. The community have needed a sense of growth in terms of services provided and with more opportunites to create businesses in and around the estate, there comes possibilities but many struggles. Speaking to a barber who had recently moved into the estate about 6-8 months ago, we had a chat about how life is in Woolwich Common and talking about the community and his struggles in general with keeping the business intact. He told me that it's so hard as he has a family of eight and spending 'day and night working' is just so difficult and it becomes hard to juggle work and family life. When speaking about the community and how the people are he mentioned that it was horrible and it wasn't particulaly inviting however there are 'some people who want to help' him. The barber also mentioned how hard it is to get customers even though it is a very local barber in the middle in one of the biggest estates in Greenwich. What do you take from this? This is a man who took an opportunity as it was 'cheap' and needed to move away to try and grow his barbering business more. He kept his head and pushed through all the struggles of having to move with a family of 8 and working hard every day to support himself and his own family. There are many things to take from this but on the bright side it is a way to put yourself out of your comfort zone and go about life achieving more than you can possibly believe.