If you're a keen traveller and have always fancied yourself as an international jet setter, then you're in luck. 

Airlines British Airways, easyJet and TUI are all currently recruiting for new onboard flight attendants. 

Cabin crew staff work hard with handling a fair share of turbulence and customers, but it does come with plenty of perks with the chance to visit every corner of the world and enjoy endless cultural treats. 

Although it can be hard to get the chance to become an attendant, with some sharing they were just one applicant of over 60,000. 

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But fear not, as currently there are several airlines hiring, but you might want to check requirements with some asking for heights and the ability to swim well. 

British Airways

Travel from Barbados to Berlin as part of the cabin crew and earn a  basic salary of £18,169, with that figure potentially bumped up to £28,000 a year with flying/duty pay and a tax-free subsistence allowance.

Applications are open however to be eligible you must be between 1.57m and 2.01m tall to be accepted and have no visible tattoos. 

As well as only one set of small round earrings is allowed when it comes to piercings.


You have until the end of January to apply as part of TUI's cabin crew. 

The airline operates to 79 destinations in 33 countries and is based across major airports in the UK with an average salary of £22,000.

To apply you must be able to reach to a minimum height of 6’2 ft, speak and write fluent English and be able to swim 25m. 


easyJet is hiring across a number of locations including Gatwick, Belfast, Liverpool and more. 

To apply, you must be between 157.5 cm and 190cm without shoes to apply, and be fluent in written and spoken English.

Plus, you must have no visible tattoos on your head, face or neck or any tattoos that are deemed offensive or inappropriate that can’t be covered discreetly.

You must also be able to fit into an aircraft jump seat harness which measures 106cm across the lap and 157cm from shoulder to waist.