EastEnders fans were left stunned after spotting a current Love Island star in Albert Square on Wednesday.

Ring girl Olivia Hawkins was spotted in Walford on the BBC soap just an hour before featuring on ITV 2’s Love Island yesterday.

But it’s not the first time Olivia has been on the show, revealing that she was a double for Whitney Dean during the New Year’s episodes.

Fans rushed to social media to express their shock at spotting the Love Island contestant in EastEnders.

One said: “Not Olivia being on tonight’s EastEnders, sis is getting that bag.”

Another viewer said: “Not me watching tonight’s EastEnders on iPlayer and Olivia from Love Island pops up as an extra.”

Olivia has previously spoken about wanting to work more on television.

Prior to going into Love Island, she told The Sun: “It would be a full circle moment to go on and be one of the characters – even if I was just a drop-in that would be fun.

“I feel like I’d maybe just be the girl from Sussex. I don’t do a great Cockney accent.”

Olivia also admitted hiding a health condition from Love Island producers, revealing that she sleepwalks and sleep-talks.

She said: “I haven't told the producers yet, but I do walk and sleep talk. I'm just hoping that I don't because that could be quite embarrassing - or entertaining.

"I had a shower in my sleep once. Obviously, it woke me up, but yeah, my mum said 'what are you doing? It's 2am and you're up getting ready for school?'."