Facebook users reported issues with the social media platform on Monday evening.

Users were left unable to load pages and having problems with the news feed.

According to Down Detector, issues started at around 5pm on Monday.

Problems were recorded across the UK including in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Aberdeen.

Of the problems reported, 52% relate to the website while 45% relate to the app. A further 3% relate to login.

Is Facebook down? Users take to social media to report issues

One user took to Down Detector to explain their problem, writing: “News feed won’t load on website. Hereford UK.”

Users also took to Twitter to ask if others were experiencing similar problems, writing: “Is Facebook down? I cannot access my news feed, my Facebook page, and my favorite FB pages.”

Another commented: “is facebook down?

“#Facebook #facebookdown”

A third said: “Is Facebook down for anyone?

“#facebookdown #Facebook”