Users of the social media app, TikTok, have reported outrages with their service today.

Reports began appearing on Down Detector, a site used to report online outages, at around 3:30 pm, with user reports soaring in minutes.

At the time of writing, Down Detector reports suggested 63% of issues were related to the app, 24% to server connection and 13% to feed.

Is TikTok down?

TikTok has not yet confirmed any outages or issues with its service, however users rushed to Twitter to share their issues.

According to social media posts, people are unable to see or load videos.

One user wrote: "people running to twitter to find out if tiktok is down for everyone else."

Another said: "So is everyone’s tiktok down? Just spent 5 mins switching my wifi on and off #tiktokdown"

While many other users simply tweeted: "Is TikTok down?", with tweets raking in hundreds of likes, suggesting a problem affecting many.

You can check the status of TikTok on the Down Detector website here.