BBC's new drama SAS: Rogue Heroes explores the origins of the special forces unit during the Second World War.

Focusing on a group of officers who are frustrated by the military authorities when they realise that German forces have stretched their supply lines thin in the North African desert. 

The group decided to hatch a plan, using parachutes to drop soldiers into vital positions behind enemy lines. 

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But first, they have to make sure that parachuting into deep sand is possible. 

The show is written and created by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight who also produced the show and described the show as "interesting". 

Telling Radio Times: "Maybe people who watch this who feel themselves to be excluded and not right for society and not fitting in might think, 'Well, I could be a hero."

SAS Rogue Heroes Full Cast list: 

  • David Stirling: Connor Swindells
  • Paddy Mayne: Jack O'Connell
  • Jock Lewes: Alfie Allen
  • Eve Mansour: Sofia Boutella
  • Lieutenant Colonel Wrangel Clarke: Dominic West
  • Eoin McGonigal: Donal Finn
  • Pat Riley: Jacob Ifan
  • Dr Gamal: Amir El-Masry
  • Jim Almonds: Corin Silva
  • Maj Knox: Miles Jupp

How to watch SAS Rogue Heroes

The new drama starts on Sunday 30 October on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm. 

Altogether the show will have six episodes, each airing weekly at the same time.