BBC One's popular soap EastEnders has announced that it is planning to make a major change to its iconic credits in aid of the climate change emergency. 

The closing credits for the soap will be transformed to highlight how the challenges frozen regions are facing could affect London. 

Whilst the change is to aid with the climate emergency, it is also to promote the final episode of the hit documentary of Sir David Attenborough's series Frozen Planet II

Why have the credits for EastEnders changed?

The one-off change on London's East End shows the River Thames burst its banks with parts of the capital underwater. 

The image predicts what parts of the city could look like in the future if climate change continues and sea levels rise by two metres. 

The map zooms out to capture a satellite image of the Arctic with a voiceover saying: “This isn’t a reality now, but our future will be determined by what happens here.”

Highlighting the challenge of melting ice in the frozen region, Sir David said: “The Arctic is now warming twice as fast as the Earth as a whole.”

What will happen in the final episode of Frozen Planet II? 

The final episode of Frozen Planet II will look into the effect climate change is having on Earth’s frozen regions as they are undergoing unprecedented changes.

It will feature some of the scientists and people dedicating their lives to documenting these changes and understanding their impact on the lives of the animals and people who live there, but also on the planet as a whole.

Jack Bootle, BBC head of commissioning, specialist factual, said: “Over the course of Frozen Planet II, we have encountered some of the world’s most remarkable animals and discovered some of the challenges they face due to a warming climate.

“As we get ready for the final episode of the series, I hope this striking image will remind viewers that what happens in the coldest parts of the world directly impacts us here in the UK.”

 Frozen Planet II will air on October 16 at 8pm on BBC one and iPlayer.