Popular late-night chat show The Graham Norton show finally returns to our screens tonight. 

With a star-studded couch, the show is loved and praised for Norton's unique way to make guests comfortable and his quick wit. 

The show was last on screens a few months ago where guests would have their own red chair, but now the much loved big red sofa is finally back. 

And the start of the new season is set to go off with a bang, as Norton's got some of the biggest names from movies, music and comedy. 

Who's on The Graham Norton Show today?

Leading the stars is former Doctor Who actor David Tennant who is currently on stage in the West End starring in the acclaimed show, political classic Good. 

He's also on the small screen too, with his new show Inside Man which also stars Stanley Tucci. 

Alongside Tennant is an icon of movies and horror, Jamie Lee Curtis who will be promoting her new film Halloween Ends. 

It is the final film in the reboot trilogy of the classic horror that gave Curtis her break-out role. 

Actress Lydia West is also on the couch who is best known for her role in It's A Sin and will be chatting about her new show, in which she stars alongside Tennant, Inside Man. 

Comedy legend and star of Monty Python, Eric Idle will chat to Norton, over his career and his recent battle with cancer. 

Bringing music to the show will be none other than pop superstar Robbie Williams

Williams will be chatting to the host and guests after performing his latest single Lost. 

Watch The Graham Norton Show at 10.40pm on BBC One.