Last week saw the return of the hit Channel 4 architectural show Grand Designs which sees ambitious individuals build their dream family home.

In the first episode of the new series, Manchester couple Colin and Adele learnt the hard truths and the dos and don'ts of building their curved glass mansion.

Their decision to use cheaper overseas labour resulted in the couple's project taking a lot longer and being more expensive than they had planned out, along with a battle over pay for the curved glass.

However, they were able to successfully build their dream family home in the midst of the global pandemic.

But this week will see a new couple based near Tunbridge Wells, Kent tackles their dream build.

Kent couple take on post-war prefab home on Grand Designs

Couple Rob and Kate are keen to replace their rundown post-war prefab home that has stood the ages and lasted a lot longer than expected.

But the pair are lacking the confidence to take on the complete project and opted to commission a readymade house that was built in a factory and delivered to the site on the back of a lorry.

The two-storey, three-bed and two-bathroom home is built of six modules that are pre-fitted with everything the house needs, from kitchen cupboards to even light switches.

The couple's choice of the pre-built, ready-made home was in aim to have the building completed as quickly as possible.

And it seems they meet their aim, after becoming the quickest build ever seen on Grand Designs.

But of course, no building on Grand Designs ever goes as smoothly as we are like, with expectations for some bumps in the roads and money troubles.

You can watch Grand Designs at 9pm tonight on Channel 4 and All 4.