As the heat continues to battle much of the UK, many of us will be wishing for some cool air and some rain. 

Although some areas might be in luck for rain in a few days with thunderstorms predicted. 

Some parts of the nation will still be stuck in the blazing heat for a little while longer, looking for ways to cool down and stay cool. 

Well, we've saved you a job as we've managed to round up all the top tips on how to beat the heat. 

News Shopper: What to wear in the heat (Canva)What to wear in the heat (Canva)

From what to wear, what to eat and even how to sleep we've got all the top tips that you just might want to take note of. 

What you should wear in heat:

You'll want to dress appropriately so that you are protecting yourself from the sun’s radiation and whilst keeping cool to prevent heat-related illness.

To do that you'll want to wear lightweight, loose-fitting, light-coloured cotton clothes.

As well as wearing suitable headwear, such as a wide-brimmed hat, to reduce exposure to the face, eyes, head and neck.

And when you are exposed to the direct sun you should cover your skin with clothing giving good protection, such as long-sleeved shirts and loose clothing with a close weave.

What to eat in a heatwave:

Though you might not think eating the right food helps to beat the heat, you'd be surprised as it turns out there are a few that are really helpful. 

With eggs, leaf greens like salads, melon and sweet fruit being very helpful to keep you cool. 

Surprisingly eggs help send you to sleep as they are rich in amino acid tryptophan that works to tell your brain in times for bed. 

Whilst leafy greens have a high water content so keep you hydrated and left gasping for some fresh cold water. 

Another surprising food to eat is spicy food, though it might sound like they would make you hotter, they actually don't. 

As spicy food increases your blood circulation making you sweat more which then cools you down, making it perfect. 

News Shopper: How to sleep in the heat. (PA)How to sleep in the heat. (PA)

How to sleep in the heat:

There are few top tips you can use to stay cool and have a good night sleep in the midst of a heatwave

The best thing to do is to limit the amount of light entering your home as this can control your home's temperature by making the room more shader and therefore cooler. 

A slightly weird one, use a hot water bottle to cool down your bed, but don't worry instead of filling it up with hot water, fill it with cold and pop it in the freezer for a while. 

Then put it in your bed before you hit the shack and get ready for a cool nights sleep. 

Another tip is the switch the sheets, instead of your winter sheets for the summer alternatives with natural materials. 

This will mean you can freshen up your bedroom as lighter and more breathable sheets can help avoid feeling stuffy and sweaty during sleep. 

To get more guidance head to the Government website.