The UK is on the brink of its first hosepipe ban in a decade, according to reports.

Following unprecedented temperatures and a spike in demand amid record-breaking 40C temperatures, water bosses could declare a drought.

Southern Water warned river levels are dangerously low following a sharp rise in demand and a drought permit has been requested from the Environment Agency with a ban set to affect 300,000 homes.

In a statement, Southern Water said: “While in the process of applying for a drought permit, we urge and remind all customers in Hampshire to reduce water use where possible, to help us protect the impact on the river’s habitat.”

According to The Sun, anybody caught breaking the water ban could face fine.

The Consumer Council for Water said: “With little rainfall on the horizon the pressure on our water supplies is likely to intensify.”

London Fire Brigade (LFB) had its busiest day since the Second World War as temperatures sparked chaos across the English capital.

London Fire Commissioner Andy Roe met London Mayor Sadiq Khan at Plaistow Fire Station, east London, on Thursday to pay tribute to the work of firefighters during the extreme heat.

Meanwhile, temperatures on Scotland’s hottest day on record climbed above 35C, higher than previously thought